Spikora (spikora) wrote in rweasley_fans,

Mod Note

Okay, gave the layout a quick (very quick) fix. Thank you to rons_pigwidgeon for pointing it out, and sorry for the inconvenience of having black text on a black background. Not sure what happened because it definitely wasn't like that when I did the layout ... man, has to be something like six years ago. I'm guessing it's because when I did the layout, it was using S1, and now LJ only supports S2.

Also, something I've been putting off doing but it needs to be done: I think I should get a new mod for this community and for hgranger_fans. While I still love Harry Potter, it's a lot lower on my radar now, and other things are getting the majority of my attention. Since people still use this community and hgranger_fans, I don't want to delete them, though. If anyone wants to become the mod for this comm or for hgranger_fans, feel free to comment on this post or PM me.
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