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Ron Weasley Fans

Weasley is Our King

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Fans of Ron Weasley from Harry Potter
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This is - surprise surprise - a community for fand of Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter series, just because you can never have too much Ron-love (and he does tend to get overshadowed by Hermione and Harry in the fandom). Ron fans can post anything here - essays, quotes, fanfic, fanart, icons, etc., as long as it follows the rules.


1: All posts must be about Ron. That means you can't stop in and promote something which isn't Ron-centric, or just make a post about something that has nothing to do with Ron.

2: Large posts go behind an LJ cut. If you don't know how to do an LJ cut, check out the FAQ.

3: NO Ron bashing. At all.

4: When posting fanfic, essays, LJ icons, etc. please include ships involved.

5: When posting fanfic, include a rating. All ratings are allowed.

6: This community is multi-ship, which means absolutely NO ship bashing. This includes linking to other pages that contain ship bashing, i.e. your personal journal. Say what you want in your own LJ, but if it contains bashing and you link to it on this community, be aware that it's against the rules.

If you see someone breaking the rules or have another issue you wish to contact a mod about, feel free to leave a comment on any post by me (spikora) or go to my personal journal and drop me a comment.



The image used between the comment links is from Harry Potter Downloads.